ARMAGEDDON? We are forced to cancel the festival. We have been preparing for the festival since August and it is extremely painful for us to see all the work and plans go to the rubbish bin. However, we are making efforts in order to manage the situation.

Important aspects:
– the event is not being postponed. It is being canceled.
– tickets will be refunded to those who wish to do so. Please email us at, if you wish to receive a refund. Send us an email from the email address you used to purchase your tickets and attach the electronic tickets. Your inquiries are expected by the 13th of April (Monday).
– if you have purchased a physical ticket, email us at and we will arrange a refund.
– we’ll try to get your money back by the end of May (probably sooner). In this turmoil, the process cannot be fast, so we would appreciate your understanding.

This situation will result in significant losses for our organisation, so to mitigate the financial blow we will be releasing T-shirts with this year’s festival design by “View from the Coffin”. Price – 13 EUR, sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL. Girlie models available. To order a shirt, email us at If you had bought an early bird ticket, want a refund and a T-shirt, write about it and we will compensate you for the difference between the ticket price and the shirt. We expect your orders by the 13th of April (Monday).

We want to express our gratitudes towards the bands and people that supported us. Of course, we hope to see all of you in our upcoming events, but most importantly: do not be afraid of anything and keep your head clear. Fear is not something real, but giving up to it can become very real.

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