Graphic design studio “Metastazis” was established in France several decades ago by Jean “Valnoir” Simoulin. From that time they have worked with the biggest names in the metal scene and have prepared hundreds of cover artworks, album booklets, band logos, etc.

“Metastazis” doesn’t flatter or pander – their style is critical and is based on self-confidence and deep convictions. They surprise and provoke – their creativity is influenced by a prism of negative emotions.

During “Armageddon Descends VI” Valnoir will hold his personal exhibition “Negative State” in the Vilnius Academy of Arts. We will also screen “Liberation Day” – a movie about the first rock concert by Slovenian band LAIBACH in North Korea, where the French artist collaborated together with the band for this event to happen.

Metastazis artworks

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