Armageddon Descends IV: last words

The fourth cycle of Armageddon Descends has passed. That, which gave meaning to our free time and major part of creative energies, is over. A few thoughts and observations regarding “Armageddon Descends IV” from the organization.

Fotonuotekos photo.

The are various opinions about sound in the metal stage, but it was not bad and definitely better that in the third Armageddon. Unfortunately, the sound was not very good as well, even AOSOTH sounded precisely clear. While our search for a good metallic sound continues, it is notable that additional sound equipment in the electronic stage was definitely a good idea.

This stage of “Armageddon Descends” was the most focused of all. The metal stage was always pulsing with uncompromising grimness and radical aggression. The electronic stage was always a significant and worth counterweight that by the principle of contrast gave the balance to the listener. We think that our primary vision was fulfilled, but we emphasize that searching will continue and the sphere of experiences will be developed further.

Luneth Vinonen photo.

Facts and observations:
* the event was filmed with more than 10 cameras. Follow Fathomless Mirror Reflections, who are currently busy with editing of video and sound editing;
* this edition had attracted highest amount of visitors;
* electronic stage is getting more attention;

Also, we have prepared an additional T-shirt design. Male/female models, sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL, price – 10 EUR (excluding shipping). Orders are accepted at until 8th of the April, 2016.

ADIV t-shirt preview CHAKI bendras

Menawhile, we will need some time to recover, articulate our thoughts, make objective conclusions and take up new ideas and works. Our will, goal, motives and dedication remain strong and unbreakable.

Nekrokatarsis collective thanks:
Culture Bar “Kablys” and Gytis for a very constructive collaboration;
Lithuanian Council for Culture for appreciation and support;
Thrigger, Auga and Pauliakas for sound and technical support;
Levas for collaboration in the electronic stage;
Bands and projects that were present in the fest;
Aistė Vyšniauskaitė for designs;
Saulius Bielskis for the artwork;
Daina Dieva for advices and exhibition;
Mindaugas Volkis and the whole brigade for filming, Skalvija cinema academy for the last minute offer;
Nekrokatarsis Militia;
Raimundas Pečiulis and parents of M. Meškauskas for the exhibition;
Master of culinary Zamas for food;
Akivarai” and Club “Lemmy” for the tickets;
Other contributors, friends and those who made this festival happen (you know who you are).

Some photos in the internet:
Lunteth Vinonen
Morkfoto / Adelmoed Photography

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