FUCK OFF AND DIE – First live performance over 10 years of existence at “ARMAGEDDON DESCENDS III”

Extreme music propaganda team NEKROKATARSIS move further towards it’s oppressing proclamation – “Armageddon descenders III”, which will be held on the 14th March, 2015. In Vilnius. We announce local black metal/crossover underground cult FUCK OFF AND DIE! who will perform for the first time ever in 10 years of their existence.


FUCK OFF AND DIE is a solo project of Kommander L. (LUCTUS) which previously existed only in it’s masters mind and studio recordings. In such way, three full length albums were released: “No Peace. No Love. No Whores. No God.” (2005), “Anti-All” (2008) and “Sociopathic Regression” (2012), which mix fierce old school hardcore and filthy black metal. The music is complemented by the rude anti-religious, anti-social, anti-humanitarian, anti-life and alcoholic topics. All of that could be described by one simple phrase – “fuck off and die”.

During the ten years of its existence FOAD did not go unnoticed not only in Lithuania, but also abroad and the album “Anti-all” is already considered cult in some underground circles. Kommander L. proclaims: “during the festival we will focus on the “Anti-all” album and some completely fresh FOAD pieces. Expect total devastation!”

In addition to FUCK OFF AND DIE!, the third edition of “Armageddon Descends” will see Norwegian black metallers TORTORUM and ancient death metal act PROFANAL from Italy. However, these are not the final news: NEKROKATARSIS team will soon announce artists of the extreme electronic music scene and the grand initiates for the scene of metal of death.
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Extreme music festival “ARMAGEDDON DESCENDS III
Main stage:
TORTORUM – true Norwegian black metal (Norway)
PROFANAL – d-beat death metal (Italy)
FUCK OFF AND DIE! – black / thrash / crossover (Lithuania)

Extreme electronic scene:

Location: Club “Kablys” Kaunas g. 5, Vilnius
Date: 14th March 2015
Price: TBA
Facebook event: Link
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