“Armageddon Descends III” announces the industrial acts

Organizers of the extreme music festival “Armageddon Descends III” are proud to announce the full line-up of the extreme electronics stage: BIZARRE UPROAR, HUMAN LARVAE, ANEMONE TUBE, POGROM, TIESE, HASSOK. More info below.


BIZARRE UPROAR – legendary Harsh Noise act from Finland, counting more than 20 years of existence. For quite a long time BIZARRE UPROAR explored primitive and filthy brutality while lately the sound started to move into unexpected areas. The main aspect, associated with his musical acts and his label “Filth and Violence” remains the same – mixture of sounds, sights and feelings that poison your hearing, vision and mind with maximum power. Live performances of BIZARRE UPROAR constantly shifts from total annihilation and destruction to “erotic” fantasies and perversions. You can never predict what you can expect from the act next. One thing is clear – it will be powerful. BIZARRE UPROAR comes to Lithuania with new set.

HUMAN LARVAE – Power Electronics / Industrial act from Germany. The birth of Human Larvae was the next logical step in sound evolution after the experimental noise project BROKEN DIODE. HUMAN LARVAE turned towards deeper waters of human relation with himself, exploring feelings, obsessions and eroticism. The message is transmitted using massive layers of synths, rhythmic parts and uncontrolled noisy expression that appears here and there. Quality and strict structure supplements and original view of aesthetics completes the image. It is a dark reflection of every one of us in an audible mirror and one of the most interesting contemporary acts of Power Electronics from Germany.

ANEMONE TUBE – appearing and disappearing for almost 20 years Industrial / Dark Ambient / Noise / Drone project from Germany. When you need more than two different genre names to describe the particular style, this means that such music does not fit boundaries of any given genre and it is impossible to describe it without hearing and experiencing it. ANEMONE TUBE creates his concept in sound with powerful psychogenic impact, using shifting sounds and moods. These experiments leads you to madness and physical pain. ANEMONE TUBE creations in late years were concentrated in exploring suicide where analytical realism interacts with Buddhist psychology and nihilist rhetorics.

POGROM – Power Electronics / Noise act from Lithuania. Main elements of Power Electronics are present in his sound – multilayered sounds of analog noise generators, powerful vocals, synths, junk and usually disgusting visual appearance. In his last album POGROM explored themes of European Islamisation of Europe and after that, for quite some time politics were left behind. New material from upcoming full length will be presented in “Armageddon Descends”. No feelings or philosophy, just audio violence and yet another theme for another gig. Lately the project was quite active with live gigs in Lithuania, but as for 2015, this is the last chance to see POGROM in Vilnius.

TIESE – the only duo in “Armageddon Descends” industrial stage. It is pretty difficult to find another project in Lithuania that would progress so much with each live performance. Their walls of noise are suddenly torn down and breaks into broken pieces of rhythms that are collected and weird sound sculptures are built out of them. From Drone to Harsh Noise Wall to Breakcore. But these are the minor things that one could say in advance. What TIESE will be playing for real, it will be possible to describe only after their performance. One thing is for sure – it will be intense and powerful set.

HASSOKK – the only act from Lithuania, playing filthy Post-Mortem and not letting for this style to die in here. City as a sanctuary, city as a dumpster, cement as an element of spiritual creativity or soulless matter, sacred rituals or programmed actions for zombies. You can only guess what is what, and only during live sets or through small details, revealed in his releases. HASSOKK sound exterior is gray, gloomy and oppressive, as if eternal wandering in the infinite desert of concrete.

None of these performances will intersect with the gigs that will take place on the main stage. Also, we would like to add that there are two more metal acts left to be announced and we will do so in close future!

Extreme music festival “Armageddon Descends III”
Metal of Death stage:
TORTORUM – true Norwegian black metal, Norway
PROFANAL – d-beat death metal, Italy
FUCK OFF AND DIE! – black / thrash / crossover, Lithuania

Extreme electronics stage:
BIZARRE UPROAR – harsh noise, Finland
HUMAN LARVAE – Power electronics/industrial, Germany
ANEMONE TUBE – industrial/dark ambient/noise/drone, Germany
POGROM – power electronics/noise, Lithuania
TIESE – drone/harsh noise/experimental, Lithuania
HASSOKK – post-mortem, Lithuania

Location: Club “Kablys” Kaunas g. 5, Vilnius
Date: 14th March 2015
Price: 20 EUR
Facebook event: Link
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