Underground revelation MEFITIC will perform in AD IV

AOSOTH, INFERNAL WAR and QRIXKUOR has already confirmed participation in the “Armageddon Descends IV”. Hence another underground revelation joins the lineup – Italian death metal monolith MEFITIC.

MefiticT. Terrorist photography.

Although MEFITIC has not managed to pick off the laurels of international fame yet, however, they have achieved a quite well-known reputation amongst the underground black/death metal scene. Through more than a decade they have released a number of positively rated releases and also played in various cornerstone festivals, among them the Nuclear War Now! festival. This year MEFITIC has finally released their full-length album, “Woes of Mortal Devotion” which dispelled all doubts – it’s a real dark and cold breathing death metal masterpiece. MEFITIC’s sound is like a hollow echo stemming from an abandoned catacombs – low dissonant vibrations, subhuman roars and diverse compositions causing disastrous visions which actively involve the listener in the process. MEFITIC limits to just a few live performances a year and we are proud that “Armageddon Descends IV” will be one of those rare occasions.

Extreme music festival “Armageddon Descends IV”
AOSOTH – deadly black metal (France)
INFERNAL WAR – sadistic black/death (Poland)
MEFITIC – death/black metal (Italy)
QRIXKUOR – surreal death metal (United Kingdom)

Date: 2016.03.12
Venue: Culture club “Kablys”, Kauno g. 5, Vilnius, Lithuania
Price: TBA
Organization: „Nekrokatarsis“ (www.nekrokatarsis.org/en)
Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/869734603114768/
Follow: https://www.facebook.com/armageddondescendsfestival

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