Armageddon Descends VI: THE POSTER

As there are two months remaining until “Armageddon Descends VI”, the organizers announce the full line-up and poster of the festival.

Artwork by Izzy

Design by Saulius Bielskis

The sixth edition of “Armageddon Descends” festival will host a wide variety of bands and artists from diverse geographical locations and musical backgrounds:

ULCERATE (Avantgarde Death Metal, New Zealand)

BÖLZER (Black/Death Metal, Switzerland)

BRIGHTER DEATH NOW (Death Industrial, Sweden)

ALUK TODOLO (Instrumental Black Rock, France)

SHIBALBA (Ritual Dark Ambient, Greece)

LVCIFYRE (Blackened Death Metal, United Kingdom)

BUDRŪS (Black/Drone, Lithuania)

DEVOURING STAR (Mystic Black Metal, Finland)

DEUS MORTEM (Black Metal, Poland)

OUTRE (Black Metal, Poland)

FIDES INVERSA (Black Metal, Italy)

MORAST (Death Doom/Sludge Metal, Germany)

ARKHAD (Industrial/Experimental, Lithuania)

TIESE (Industrial/Experimental/Noise, Lithuania)

DECEITOME (Death Metal, Estonia)

THE DEAD CREED (Catacomb Blues, Greece)

METASTAZIS (Exhibition/Film Screening, France)

VOID REVELATIONS (Photography Exhibition, Germany)

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